Vinegar Calculations

How to make vinegar? If you would like to make and ferment your own vinegar, it is often necessary to make vinegar calculations, e.g. for acidification, alcohol determination etc. Here you will find the most important calculations that you will need when making your own vinegar (see Basics: What is vinegar?). All calculations are free and can be used without registration, you can use the respective calculators as often as you like.

  • Is it possible to dilute finished vinegar with water and adjust it to a desired acidity? With the vinegar diluting calculator: you can calculate the amount of water needed to dilute vinegar to the desired strength.
  • Mixing vinegar: When making your own vinegars, it may be necessary to mix two vinegars with different acidity levels.
  • To make a vinegar fermentation, alcohol and vinegar must be mixed together. A relatively complex calculation is required to find the right amount of each ingredient. With the vinegar-alcohol mixing calculator you only need to enter your desired quantities and you can easily calculate the necessary amounts.
  • Predetermined vinegar-alcohol-mixing: Calculation of the amount of alcohol and vinegar for a given mixture.
  • You want to start a new fermentation, in this case the amount of alcohol, vinegar and starter must be taken into account when preparing the vinegar starter mixture. With our vinegar-alcohol-starter calculator you only have to enter the desired ingredients and the finished starter mixture will be calculated.
  • Raise acidity in vinegar: Calculation of the addition of alcohol to increase the concentration of acetic acid.
  • Determination of the acidity of vinegar.
  • Determine the alcohol content of acetic acid in vinegar: determine the exact value with a semi-microdistillation and the refractometer.
  • Determine the alcohol content in the vinegar with a hydrometer.

If you are looking for detailed information on vinegar production, our practical Vinegar Maker’s Handbook is the right choice. Or visit the online vinegar making course and our vinegar making workshop to learn how to produce vinegar. In our eBook Vinegar making guide you will find basic instructions on how to make vinegar which will help you to start fermenting immediately. For advanced users we offer the eBook for the generator process. Furthermore we have an eBook with vinegar making recipes, this extensive collection has been compiled by us over many years also in the context of our seminars.

Vinegar Calculations: analyzing residual alcohol in vinegar

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