In our online vinegar seminars and vinegar workshops you can learn how to produce high-quality vinegars – making good vinegar easily at home yourself as a hobby (short guide). The course covers correct harvesting, preparing your own mash for making alcoholic liquids, vinegar fermentation of various alcoholic liquids, making a fermentation starter (mother of vinegar), common processes for making vinegar, using vinegar equipment (vinegar generator), determining the acetic acid, determining the alcohol content in the vinegar, setup and design of vinegar making equipment, numerous recipes for fermented and infused vinegars, and storing and bottling the vinegar.
making-vinegar seminar

Online vinegar seminar

Learn all the steps in a hands-on way in the Making vinegar yourself course by means of photos, videos, descriptions and diagrams. You can watch us in videos during the individual work steps In the online vinegar seminar you can learn at your own personal speed including a test and certificate.

  • The online vinegar seminar can be taken irrespective of time and place.
  • In the vinegar course, you will get to know all the key points for making vinegar: How do I prepare the fruit for alcoholic fermentation? What liquids can I use for the vinegar fermentation? Should I acidify beforehand? How can I add flavor to alcohol that is low in flavor with fruit, nuts, herbs and so on? How do I perform an alcohol and acetic acid analysis? Do I need a mother of vinegar? How do I make a mother of vinegar? What vinegar-making equipment should I use? How is vinegar stored?
  • You will also find an extensive collection of recipes for mashes, fermentation vinegars and infused vinegars.

Online Seminar

Vinegar workshops

In one and a half days, you will discover the secret of making vinegar in the Vinegar workshop. On the first day of the you will learn the theory, and on the second day the practice. In the Vinegar workshop you will ferment vinegar yourself, make a fermentation starter (mother of vinegar), use vinegar making equipment, and determine the acetic acid and alcohol content of the vinegar. The course takes place in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee (Carinthia, Austria).

  • In the Vinegar workshop you will perform the following work steps yourself :
        • starting vinegar fermentation using the surface process
        • starting vinegar fermentation using the captive process
        • making a fermentation starter (mother of vinegar)
        • analyzing the acetic acid content (titration) and alcohol content of the vinegar (semi-micro distillation and refractometer)
        • calculation of the necessary alcohol and vinegar additions during fermentation
  • The vinegar seminar is suitable for both beginners and advanced vinegar makers, because the content is unique in several areas and goes beyond the generally known school of thought.


making vinegar seminar titration

APR 2020
03. & 04.
COST: 290,- (incl. 20% VAT)
Services, see Course programm

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