Buy or Construct a Vinegar Generator

When building or buying a vinegar generator for making high-quality vinegars, be sure to pay attention to the following points:

6 Rules to Buy or Construct a Vinegar Generator

  1. The vinegar generator and the vinegar equipment must always be made of a material that is absolutely resistant to vinegar. Otherwise, parts of the equipment would dissolve over time. Hence, stainless steel above all and only specific plastics come into question for building the equipment.
  2. So that you can work optimally, it must be possible to completely disassemble the vinegar fermenter and clean all the parts well. Slime forms time and time again during fermentation, so all the relevant parts of the system must also be accessible for cleaning during operation.
  3. The temperature inside the generator is measured throughout the vinegar fermentation. This is the only way to monitor the fermentation precisely.
  4. With the captive process, bacteria (mother of vinegar) settle on the packing material and are supplied with alcohol and air here. Consequently, it is necessary to spray the packing material with alcohol at regular intervals, and in the breaks between spraying, the air must be able to flow from the bottom to the top through the packing material. Therefore, make sure that the packing material is the right size so that the air can also flow through the packing unimpeded.
  5. When designing the system, the flow behavior in the reactor must be measured precisely. To obtain outstanding vinegar, the fermentation should take place slowly, which means no air pump should be installed in the vinegar fermenter. The air must flow through on its own, as this prevents any loss of flavor and alcohol.
  6. The following point applies mainly to beginners: Make sure you get professional advice, because while you are still perfecting your “art of vinegar”, questions will pop up time and time again. Current news you can find in our free Newsletter.

Vinegar Production – Starter Kit

Complete vinegar kit and simple acid and alcohol analysis.

Vinegar Production – Complete Kit

Complete vinegar production kit with accurate acetic acid and alcohol analysis.
vinegar generator: left apricots, right beechwood chipsDIY vinegar generator (Multitopf)

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