Expertise on making vinegar yourself

  • How can I ferment vinegar myself?
  • What do I need to be aware of when using mother of vinegar?
  • How can I determine the acid content myself?
  • How can I determine the alcohol content myself?
  • What vinegar-making equipment do I need to ferment vinegar?


You need calculations time and time again when making vinegar yourself.

  • Diluting the vinegar: How much water has to be added to the vinegar to obtain the desired acetic acid in the product? How much water has to be added to the glacial acetic acid for fermentation to start?
  • Mixing vinegars of different concentrations: In what proportions do two vinegars with different acetic acid content have to be mixed to achieve the desired acid concentration?
  • Mixing alcohol and vinegar: What amounts of alcohol and vinegar have to be mixed to achieve a specific starting concentration?
  • Determining the acetic acid concentration: How can I determine the concentration of the acetic acid in addition to the alcohol?


Or do you simply have questions on making vinegar or the vinegar-making equipment:

  • Specialist questions: You can ask all your questions on the topic of “How can I make vinegar myself” here. They will then be answered by Dr Schmickl and Dr Malle.
  • Recipes: Exchange recipes for mashes (herb vinegar, apple vinegar, fruit vinegar, balsamic vinegar), packing material fillings and infusions with other forum participants. Or do you have your own good and original recipe for making vinegar?
  • Discussion: Discuss the different topics on making vinegar with other forum participants, and find numerous guides for constructing your own vinegar-making equipment.

Vinegar-making equipment

Information on buying a small set of  vinegar-making equipment:

  • 6 rules for constructing or buying vinegar-making equipment

Making vinegar in 5 steps

Finally there is also a short guide on making vinegar yourself:

  • Making vinegar yourself in 5 steps: How to ferment vinegar yourself – a short guide with the most important points for making vinegar yourself.

ingredients for vinegar

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