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Learn by means of practice-friendly texts, videos, pictures and graphics. You will see us at work in the videos, so that you can copy each work step c exactly. In the online seminar and the short films, you can learn the topics at your own speed and anywhere you want. Following the large seminar, there is a test in which you can check your knowledge.


Cost: EUR 290,–

The large online vinegar seminar

Learn how to make high-quality vinegar step by step. The complete seminar is comprised of approximately 24 lesson units. You will be guided through the entire production process from alcoholic fermentation, making a mother of vinegar, correct acidification, vinegar fermentation and the alcohol and acetic acid analysis. Besides numerous recipes and accurate examples, you will also find chapters on dealing with problems, constructing vinegar-making equipment as well as numerous recipes for using the vinegar (kitchen, household, health, etc.).

The vinegar seminar will be available from approximately the middle of 2019.



Learning goals

  • You will understand the formation of vinegar and know the parameters for optimally influencing the fermentation.
  • You will be able to make mashes from the different types of fruit and grain, both high-grade and conventional.
  • You will be able to cultivate and multiply your own starter and keep it alive.
  • You will be able to use several methods for starting the vinegar fermentation: starter liquid, mother of vinegar, active vinegars, frozen mother of vinegar, etc.
  • You will be able to design simple equipment for both the surface process and the captive process.
  • You will know which vinegar making process is the best one to use based on the fermentation medium.
  • You will be able to analyze the acid content of the vinegar during and after completion of fermentation.
  • Even in the presence of vinegar, you will be able to determine the alcohol content at any time during fermentation.
  • By using the filling material method in the generator, you will be able to make fermented vinegars with additional flavoring ingredients (raspberries, coffee, Swiss pine, dried fruit, etc.)
  • You will be able to calculate the required amounts of acid, alcohol, starter and water at any point during the fermentation.